Resurrection House Mission

37105 Lock Street

Dade City, FL

Pastor Bruce Edwards

A Church for All God's Children

Founded in 1987 as an authorized worchiping community of the ELCA and incorporated in 2002, Rez House is dedicated to bringing God's word to the poorest of the poor in our community or Tommytown on the north end of Dade City, Florida. We work hand in hand with the people here to help create better conditions for themselves. We are proud to be standing in the gap for these children and their families.

Our Vision

We believe that a culturally and racially diverse people, living and workign in harmony can build a community where the children can develop to their full potential in a safe and nurturing enviroment.

Just like you, Rez House is concerned about the youth in our community and we are working hard to make changes. All children deserve a chance to play, learn and grow spiritually in a safe, healthy, positive enviroment. We understand these opportunities ar estepping-stones to becoming a sucessful contributing member of society.

Through your kindness, Rez House provides:

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Pictured above is the very first building where we held services at Rez House. Since then much has happened. The church is now on Lock Street across from Resurrection Park.